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....... FREE GIFT AND 30 day inhome Trial When you purchase and Innomax mattress. IF YOU DON'T ASK FOR THE 30 DAY TRIAL AND FREE GIFT, YOU DON'T GET !! ALL OF OUR MERCHANDISE COMES DIRECTLY FROM INNOMAX CORP. BRAND NEW. WE DON'T SELL USED MATTRESSES AND NEVER HAVE..........THERE IS ONLY ONE QUIET AIR COMPRESSOR AND IT'S NAMED THE ADJUST-A-REST. ANYTHING ELSE IS LOUD and DISTRACTING.................THE INNOMAX COMFORT CRAFT AND THE INNOMAX LUXURY SUPPORT LINE ARE BUILT THE SAME. MAKE SURE YOU ASK ABOUT THE 30 DAY HOME TRAIL. MANY RETAILERS DON'T GIVE YOU TIME TO TRY THE MATTRESS. BUT I DO!!!.......................... ALL OF OUR MERCHANDISE COMES DIRECTLY FROM INNOMAX CORP. BRAND NEW. WE DON'T SELL USED MATTRESSES AND NEVER HAVE................ Thank for you looking at my videos. It takes a lot of time and effort to make these videos. I only want to help you understand how these mattresses work and show you the differences between air sleep systems. Most of the time people actually make their decision by looking at my videos and then purchase from someone else that hasn't taken a minute out of their time to help you. But as you see, I have taken the time to help educated you and I have given you very important information. Buying a mattress these days can be a mind blowing experience if you don't really know what you're looking for or what you're looking at! If the mattress you purchase doesn't have memory foam or latex. Your mattress will very quickly lose it comfort. BE CAREFUL. Some retailer are slipping in the cheaper louder pumps. Some aren't offering a 30 day trial. Some are not offering talalay latex. But I give you all three of these things. This I guarantee. I will give you the best price, Just please give me an opportunity to earn your business....................... ALL MY MATTRESSES COMES WITH THE TOP OF THE LINE ADJUST-A-REST COMPRESSOR. MAKE SURE YOU'RE GETTING A 30 DAY INHOME TRAIL. I have a low price guarantee. CALL 1-888-339-7765 OR EMAIL at

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